Career-A parent's emotion!

Not opening the regular doors!

Dhanashree Bhoge

2 min read

Career - A parent’s emotion!

Hold on! Before you have a prejudice, stay rest assured as it is nothing about parents mentally manipulating their child to fulfill their dream. Let’s not open that door today!

I am talking about the dreams that parents see through their child’s eyes, these are the aspirations of their child and eventually, they become theirs. Ever caught your mom anxious before your exam? Or is your dad happier than you when you finally get that exam cleared? Like a hanger stuck inside his teeth:)

Yes, they feel our ambition. Although their entire life they tried to make that boat stable, sometimes removing water from it and sometimes repairing the cracks, but what about the “I can do anything” teenager that screams out in the middle of this voyage?

Wait, this has a flipside! It’s not always a happy ending for us children too, right? And the amount of despair and demotivation that our parents face is unparallel to any sorrow. They can’t show it, and worse they have to act strong for us instead.

I realized this when I told my dad that I had to clear my JEE, he sparkled. He has been changing shifts and volunteered to pick and drop from a far away institute in his 50s just to save my time.

When I couldn’t clear the exam, I went into turmoil. I received support and care from all. But what about my dad? Who would calm those overexerted tired muscles whose livelihood was excitement and hope?

I still think I would have done it on my own. If I could prevent my parents from the pain of my failures. I am used to it, but they are not. Can creating gaps keep them happy? Can a hopeless life give them peace?

You know what, I have huge dreams, huge ones. They make me nervous and also excited. And I die to share it with my mom and dad. I know eventually I will have it, I have always gotten my way through. But should I make them a part of this struggle?

Why should they suffer after all? From the day I saw my teary-eyed dad when I couldn’t make it to an IIT, I decided that nothing but only good news is going to come their way.

At any time, may it take as long. BUT ONLY GOOD NEWS!

What do you think?